Sunday, January 3, 2010

We're rolling!

William rolled over today!!! If you've lost track of how old he is (like I have) he is 2 months and 2 weeks. It was so fun because we were all in the living room hanging out when he did it. Riley and I were on the floor playing with blocks so we decided to put William down on the floor with us. He loves being on his tummy. He just started rocking back and forth so I moved the ottoman over so he wouldn't bonk his head. I stepped out the front door for just a sec and Billy said, "He did it!" Riley even clapped for him! Such a sweet sister. Later when I picked him up from being on his tummy, he cried. So I put him back. I think he was trying to roll again!!! Halarious. These babies are all so different. Makes it so fun. Riley has been talking non-stop. Even when I brush her teeth. She likes to climb all over me when I'm trying to change William's diaper or when I'm helping her pick up her toys. I am definitely going bonkers but in a good way. :) Tonight William was screaming on the way home from church so, in my 14th attempt to put his paci back in, Riley was "playing" with my hair...aka yanking it out of my head. These days when they are both so little and we are all home together are crazy but they are also so sweet. I thought today how much I will miss holding my baby boy one day when he is 14. And how much I will miss Riley's little curly ponytail bouncing around the house in her boots and diaper.


  1. YEAH William! What a big boy he's getting to be. Such fun to watch the two of them together. Hope you have fun with the cousins this week.