Tuesday, January 26, 2010


(Not sure whats up with the text on this post. When I go to edit it, it looks fine. Weird)

NBD- William slept 14.5 hours straight last night and is
currently taking a 3 hour nap. Here are some more pictures of him in
his cute tigers t-shirt and sweats. He is so easy in the car and is
now much happier at home. He is getting so big. He wiggles and rolls
all over his crib and the floor. He smiles easily, loves blowing
bubbles, and is enamored with his hands and feet. He makes me laugh. I
don't remember Riley Jane doing that. William is already 3 months old!
He is refered to as William, Ibim, Ibie, 4, Will... am I forgetting

Freshly shot pheasant with no head – NBD for Riley Jane. She went to a
training day with Billy Saturday morning to see Cisco run. She had
lots to say about that when she got home. She wants to wear
her camo shirt everyday since.

Notice the detail on the sleeping bag she sleeps in every night. Black
lab, mallards, etc. Ah yes, and Baby Baluga was also invited... along
with several pairs of princess shoes, 2 or 3 baby dolls, and several
library books (all hiding under 15 blankets.)

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  1. Hi Becky! I can't believe how much William has grown...sitting up and everything! They are both precious. I agree, just by looking at the pictures, Sydney and Riley Jane would be fast friends. :) Greg and I stayed at Legacy Suites in Fredericksburg on Main Street. We loved the location. You can look at www.absolutecharm.com to get more info. Let me know if you need anything else. Have a great time!