Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rock On

Let me just say that I LOVE this child. We haven't captured a moment like this on camera since her first week of life. SO Riley. 'Follow your heart' sunglasses upside down, Field Day t-shirt (from when she spent the whole day at the snack bar), striped leggings, hot pink skater shoes. Ugh. My heart breaks just thinking about the day that she won't be forced to spend her every waking hour with me, the day she has her own agenda. Can you imagine what her agenda will entail? Btw, she wore the Mardi Gras beads to Central Market because we were grocery shopping for our gumbo. The guy at the fish counter put that together. That's yet another reason why I love C.M. Everyone always asks, "Whatcha cookin?" I just like talking about food and that is def. the place to do it. Plus Doodles gets siked about the balloons everytime we go. It's almost as fun as going to the "Die Clean!" (Dry Cleaners) Where she demands a sucker as soon as the poor lady opens the back car door in the drive thru. What's the magic word? "Please." (annoyed.)

Riley Jane and Mamama at Aboca's. It was so good!! Look how cute she looks in her new outfit from Adeline!


  1. She slays me...truly. LOVE her.

  2. Hey, it says "Linny" but it's me, Em!

  3. I am so enjoying having them stay at our house! Riley Jane is just so fun to be around!! She is really loving her books now, and I love reading to her - good times.