Friday, October 23, 2009

"Ibim" is 6 days old.

William will be one week old tomorrow! This time with him is flying by! I can't believe Billy has been home a week and will go back to work on Monday. Thankfully, Mimi will stay another week. :)))) Everything is going very smoothly. The last two nights he's only waken up twice to eat. He only cries when he's hungry or when he's getting his diaper changed. He's a SLEEPER. Riley still likes him (keeping our fingers crossed that this continues for a while.) She calls him "Ibim."

This is a great picture of him. He looks just like this.

Waiting for Daddy so she can feed the puppies in her crocs and Princess PJs.

This is how she travels EVERYWHERE. Never walks.

Getting ready to change "Ibim's" diaper.

Poor William drowning in a sea of pink. He is the sweetest baby. He doesn't even squeak when she squeezes him like this. When we try to take him back she says "MINE!"

Aunt Petie and Uncle Jige brought us dinner!


Aunt Petie

Sidewalk chalk! (Check out Mimi's hair!! Crazy! It was really windy.)

Mamama and B came for dinner. Mamama brought lots of cute clothes for William that you will see in later posts :)

Riley Jane holding her babydoll that Mamama brought her (just like Mamama is holding "Ibim")

Fading fast...


B and William

Mimi and William. William doing "choo choo." (So smart already.)


  1. Yea for more pics!!!!!!!!!!!! It's KILLING me to not be there, so THANK YOU for blogging!!!! William is just adorable and I love seeing him with all the family. Your house looks pretty, too, in the background. Love all the camo and horses.

  2. So, William is already learning to rides horses?? Too cute. Love all the pictures. I agree with Em, thanks for posting them and making everyone who is far away feel like they are a part of these early days in Will's life. So glad your Mom is staying another week.

  3. I can't believe it has been a week! What a happy family - I love all the pics. William is a beautiful baby and Riley is just adorable. Take care.

  4. Love the photos Bec - espcially precious Riley Jane holding William!!