Wednesday, September 16, 2009


What a great day today. We had to roll out of bed early and head out to our new Bible study at Valley Creek. We both look forward to Wednesdays :). It's good for Riley Jane to get some socialization with other kids. Plus, the Pricilla Shirer study we're doing is great. After Bible Study, we headed out to Southlake to make some returns and grab some lunch. One of my fav. restaurants in Dallas in Penne Pomodoro. They also own Bravo! in Arlington that I love and Brio in Southlake. So we tried Brio for the first time today. So yummy! Riley wanted to eat at Rockfish but I promised her she wouldn't be dissapointed at Brio. Anyway, we started out with calamari which is a favorite for us both. Then finished up with this huge lettuce wedge topped with crumbled bacon, fresh roma tomatoes, and creamy parmesan dressing. Big hit. The waitor even brought Riley Jane some pizza dough to play with while we waited for our food. We drew pictures of the food we were eating on the table and snacked on flatbread. There was a big table of Red Hat Ladies sitting next to us. Riley really liked their hats. They all waved and smiled at her. She smiled and hollered back "Mommy! Hats!" :) Riley Jane is fun to take out to eat as long as you order an appetizer of some kind. I always think about how much fun my mom and I have going out to eat when she comes to town. I have just as much fun with my Doodles. My camera is broken or I would have taken some pics.

Tomorrow we're going to a kick-off get together at a park in Flower Mound for a Mom's group at The Village. There should be lots of kids Riley's age there and moms for me to meet. Not sure how I'm going to keep her from running all over the place. Hard to keep up with her these days. I can only move so fast!

Here's RJ from a few days ago talking to Pawpaw on the phone. He must have said bye-bye. Very sad face :( Sometimes she talks to him for 10 or 15 minutes. I tried to explain to her that he can't talk to her ALL day.

Here are some shots I finally got of the pups. That's Mason on the left and Cisco our newish yellow puppy.

Getting so big, Cisco!

That's Shelby sitting by Cisco. Shelby and Mason are 1/2 brother and sister and Cisco is Mason's son. It's a family affair. Cisco likes to destroy things and jump on the trampoline. They are both sweet, happy dogs like Mason. Riley loves all three of them. She tells them to "Be Nice!" when she goes outside and they listen. I stopped buying her a snowcone on the way home because she just feeds it to Cisco and cries when he takes her spoon. I imagine 4 will also love them.


  1. Such fun to have a "girl's day" out. Lunch sounds yummy! Wish I was there to join you. Love the dog stories, I'm sure 4 will love the dogs as much as RJ does. They become such a part of the family. I'm praying for you during this final month of pregnancy - YEAH.

  2. I didn't realize you live in DFW! All this time, I thought you were living in Houston for some reason.

    I spent four years living in Denton (I went to school at UNT), a year in Lewisville and then three years in Fort Worth. And I love the Flower Mound/Grapevine/Southlake areas!

  3. I am glad that Riley was okay with not going to Rockfish. I also think it's funny how strategic we have to be with little ones at restaurants- such as ordering appetizers. :)

  4. What a cutie pie! Fun at lunch and fun talking to grandparents on the phone. You two girls are pretty cute!!