Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chicki Boom Boom

Ah things are changing around here. With the help of my mom and dad we got the entire house packed in four days. That's right- 6 months preggers and totally done. Now I can go on bedrest. jk. Not wanting that to happen. Now I will rest. The McCord's have been watching Riley Jane a lot lately to help us speed up this packing progress. It has been extremely helpful as Riley Jane has become exceedingly talkative and busy (could that be?) in the last few weeks. She is adorable and halarious as usual but grows tired of watching me pack. There's only so much Mr. Noo Noo Noo and Oscar the Grouch in the world to go around. Here are the latest developments on her end. Everything is happening so fast. She has another birthday coming up and then Baby Billy will finally be here. He is so ready (So am I!!!!!).

  • Favorite Books include: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Big Sister (she finishes the sentences for me in this one), and Goodnight Moon. She has begun reading these books aloud to herself as well. She'll turn the pages and say "OH NO!" and "Goodnight young mouse" along with everything else she sees in the picture. She repeats the alphabet to our delight- making the funniest sound for the letters. And she'll count to ten, repeating the numbers one at a time with the same inflection that we say them and always skipping 8 going straight to 9.

  • The other day at Bed Bath and Beyond we were checking out and she said, "Mommy, look! It's M!" Like it was a person or something. Then she saw another M and pointed it out again giggling.

  • She asks for things ALL DAY. Sometimes it's just because she wants something to talk about. She'll say, "I! I (then after I pour it) want orange juice! (then after I drink the milk and pour the orange juice)....i want milk, Mommy. Milk Please! Thank you Mommy." and then she gets up to go bang on the window at the puppies. Those kind of conversations go like this "Where's Daddy? I want to feed the puppies. Where's Mae Mae? Where's Cisco? I want Hee (Hilary). I want Cache."

  • She also has this amazing ability to remember people's names. Names are very important at this stage. She calls me Mom, Mamma, Mommy, and Becky. Everytime she tells me thank you she has to go through all the names.

  • She points to Baby Billy on request.

  • She is still totally psyched about sunglasses, puts them on her head (like me) and says "No No Riley!" and shakes her head. Billy finds this very funny.

  • She will not wear pants or shorts- she says "too tight! it itches!"

  • She climbs in and out of her carseat (sometimes she crawls in the front seat)...patience...patience.... I wish she could crawl up in the grocery cart by herself.

A lot of people are asking me if she will be in a big girl bed when Baby Billy arrives. The definite answer to that question is no. Thanks to my sis-in-law, Emily, we have a brand spankin new white crib for Riley to sleep in until she can clearly say "Mommy, I want a real bed." Until then, I will delight in her containment. Baby Billy will get her nursery furniture and Billy will fill his nursery with dead animals and hunting decor. Might as well get him used to it. Maybe it will help his language skills (ok that's a stretch.)

Baby Billy is still going nuts in there. Sometimes I feel like I'm having triplets. He is 100 times busier than RJ ever was. I must admit, the heat was getting to me, then God sent that cold front and it's been a delightful 95 degrees. Yesterday it was 85 in the car. Glory Glory. My back is still killing me. I'm trying not to pick Doodles up but it's so hard when she puts out her arms and says,"I want Mommy." I love holding her and it makes me sad missing out on that. Maybe this will get her used to having to take turns being held when Baby Billy arrives. My energy level is also depleting. Thus begins the sleep deprivation that will continue until Baby Billy is here and sleeping through the night. I reminded Billy about that yesterday and he said 'Oh yeah, I forgot about that.' Such humor.


  1. I smile reading all of the things that Riley is doing. I am loving this age too. I hope you are able to rest now that your packing is done. Take care!

  2. Beautiful post Becky!!!

    Love the pics and the stories!!! You'll treasure these times, always!

  3. Did I miss the post about you moving?!!

    Fun update! I'm glad the weather has been a little bit cool for you...

  4. GREAT post...I can NOT believe what a BIG GIRL Riley is!! Talking sooo much!!!! I agree with everything you said, esp about struggling to hold her b/c of enormous tummy and back pains...sigh...I am still in shock you're having a boy and you, your sis, and I can all share that bond!

  5. Riley sounds like so much fun! I guess she takes after her mom! You guys are extremely blessed.