Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Bump: Take 1

The bump! I have a noticeable bump even before lunch! I am truly not on the ball this time with my doctor's appointments. I waited too long and now my sonogram is scheduled for the end of my 20th week which is May 29th. I tried to move it up but there were no openings. :( I laughed so hard at my last visit because my wonderful doctor asked me if I wanted a sonogram. Halarious. He is so old school and not worried one bit about this pregnancy. I gave a heartfelt headshake and smiled brightly. Billy and I haven't quite decided if we are going to find out if the baby is a 'he' or 'she.' ...kind of exciting for us...kind of annoying for you. We will decide before this weekend. I've picked out the crib bedding for both so I'm ready for anything. Names are coming along quite well. We have one for a boy. Can you guess it? And several for a girl. I am so happy that Riley Doodle will have a sibling soon. Just someone to sit with her in their princess lawn chairs on the deck and eat cookies by the plastic pool (or camo lawn chair.) Here's a glimpse of what we'll be dealing with in October.


  1. When do we get to see that bump? I love seeing pregnant belly bumps. There is something so amazing and miraculous about a precious baby growing inside :)