Thursday, October 9, 2008

Red balloons and pancakes

Lots of fun stuff happening this week...(except me being sick)... Riley points out the red balloon in her Good Night Moon book when asked to. She points to everything in the book. Even if there's nothing on the page, she's pointing to it. She loves GNM and Moo-Ba- LA-LA-LA. I happily read it to her 10 times in a row when I got home from school on Wednesday at her request. She also politely puts her paci back in her mouth when asked to. That's helpful.

Billy sharing his pancakes.

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  1. Love the little pony tail! She seriously couldn't be any cuter!!! I sure missed you all at Jessica's shower, I was healthy & was sooo looking forward to playing with Riley, I always seem to be just getting over something when I see ya'll. Sorry your not feeling well, hope you feel better soon.

  2. I, too, love the pony- so reminiscient of my bunny! Love the outfit I gave her, too!

  3. What a pumpkin!! I was so wanting new pics of your precious one. :) And the look of your blog is Q-tee! Great job, Becky.

  4. Hi Becky... I don't know if you remember me — I graduated from Gonzales in 1998 but went to the Catholic church and CCD in Shiner and worked at Friday's for a while in high school.

    I found the link to your blog from Amanda Raab Hibner's page and enjoy reading your posts. Your daughter is SO cute!