Friday, June 6, 2008

Funny Bunny

Riley Jane is 9 months old! We had her checkup and shots today. She weighs 20 lbs 6 oz. and is 27 inches long. She's had fever the last three days, lots of congestion, and a double ear infection but remains her happy self.

My mom gave her this flouncy bunny robe. These pictures just crack me up.

Looking cute in her new turtle shirt and shoes. Check out those tiny feet.

Riley Jane likes to mimic us when we make a raspberry sound. Sometimes we'll say, "Janie, do you want to take a nap?" and she blows a raspberry (or ten).

Laughing for no apparent reason. This is typical.


  1. I can attest that she was good as gold at our house with a fever and not feeling well - she's tough on pain! Two ear infections and still a delight to be around. Bless her heart!

  2. Very cute! I love that the View is on in the background...sometimes R will ask for "Bekah's show" (Backyardigans or Curious George) and then will sadly say "Mommy's show" (cooking or something). :) Most of the time we watch Bekah's shows...anyway, RJ is precious as always and I am excited to hear her laugh and see all her new tricks!!

  3. Becky Riley is as cute as can be. I also love the pics on Em's website of you and the kids. Can't wait for them to come to Victoria.