Saturday, April 12, 2008

Easter and Sushi

Always happy to help.

Happy Easter!

Saturday breakfast...

Hide and Seek after a nap.

Sushi for two.


  1. Billy & Becky she is absolutely precious!

  2. I knew the comment would be Korrin's!!

    Anyway, that is a cute baby!!! Rebekah made us look at her picture over and over- we got to play where's Riley's paci over and over, too! I am starting to see more of Becky in her, too- I think it's her eyes and smile sometimes!

  3. I agree Emily, I think she is looking more like Becky also.

  4. I mean, there really isn't anyone much yummier than miss riley! thanks for posting new pics for all of us to enjoy!! I MIIIIIIIIIISSSSSS YOU GUYS and hope you're doing great. We need, need a playdate soon with all 3 of you! Let's get our calendars out ASAP! Love to you and squeezes to riley janie and her mama for me!
    xoxoxo, whit