Monday, February 25, 2008

Some of my favorite pics

Riley Jane is the sweetest, happiest baby. This is her new thing- to turn around and smile at you when you're holding her.

Ok she looks like me in this one. That's like one out of a 10 kabillion.

These are her cousins Marshall and Cameron. They LOVED her and were so sweet when they came to visit! Cameron is quite the character and thought it was so funny to try on all of Riley Jane's stuff! I thought it was pretty funny too. The one with the shoe makes me laugh.

Riley Jane here enjoying some tummy time and trying a new food (avacado.) She makes some pretty funny faces.


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  2. Hi! That really is the cutest baby (mine excepted of course)!!!! I LOVE how often Billy is in the pics smiling at her, so proud! I also think your cousins are adorable! I could hold that girl all day! ;)

  3. I will not pretend anymore that I don't look at your blog of Riley Jane. Instead, I am totally going to add you as a link to mine!

    Your daughter is too beautiful. I wish I could kiss on her cheeks. And seriously, the pics of her and Billy make me so happy in my heart. It is so obvious that he truly loves his little girl!