Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Day in the Life of Riley Jane

Can you believe it!?! Riley Jane is 15 days old today!!! She is so fun and funny. Just delightful! I love being her mom. You'll notice more pics of her by herself this post. Not because we grew tired of holding her (there's always someone waiting in line), but mostly because we love to just stare at her. Is that normal? We love doing it! Thanks Mimi and Gaylie for all your help these last two weeks. We love and appreciate you. I hope everyone enjoys these pics of Riley Jane: Week Two. P.S. If you're wondering why she's wearing all the same outfits, she's so tiny not many of her clothes fit yet!


  1. Bec,
    Riley Jane is a delightful baby, and it's a pleasure to be her grandmother! What a fun 2 weeks it's been!

  2. Becky!!!!!!! That first pic stole my heart!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously! Could she be more beautiful? And you, my dear, are a picture of loveliness!!!

    Can't wait to get my hands on that pumpkin!

  3. Bec- for some reason (I guess b/c they don't really know you :)), people keep telling me how beautiful YOU and Rara are!! Seriously, they want to know if you gained a single pound during pregnancy! Anyway, my friends have all checked your blog and have commented how adorable Baby Riley Jane is!

  4. Hee Hee. I'm sure the photo with Grandpa Bill is not his normal demeanor. He looks like Riley might have been interrupting an A&M football game, or maybe a hunting show. :) Thanks to Gayle for sharing the blog. I enjoyed it. :) - Jackie Doss